Jason English for Clerk of Court

Jason English Current Chief Deputy Clerk of Court

Vote Jason English for Santa Rosa County Clerk of Court and Comptroller

To continue the legacy of excellence to be transparent, efficient, and accountable, vote Jason English. To ensure the ongoing improvement of transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the clerk's office, support Jason English with your vote.


I will maintain the transparency in our office of Clerk of Court. Maintaining accurate records and making documents easily accessible.


I will maintain precise records with swift updates and through technology enhance the overall efficiency of our Department.


Your trust is my priority, and I am committed to ensuring transparent, responsible management of public funds and records throughout my tenure.

Tax Dollars

Monitoring, safeguard citizens tax dollars and provide accurate accounting for spending to create transparency

My Values

Christian Conservative

  • Life long Republican
  • Insure fiscal responsibility
  • Responsible to the citizens of Santa Rosa County
  • Continuing service to community

Open Goverment

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Accountability


  • Safeguard Tax Dollars
  • Ensure proper accounting of Board of County Commissioners Finance
  • Ensure spending meets a public purpose


  • Ensure spending meets a public purpose
  • Proper risk management of cybersecurity
  • Safekeeping justice


  • Record keeping
  • Custody of evidence
  • Judicial support

Ensure efficient processes

  • To further apply technology as a time and accuracy agent in the SRCC office
  • To implement the latest technology to support personnel so as to create a more efficient office

My Journey

Education and Professional Training


Graduated P.J.C- A.A. Started work at SRC Clerk in Finance..

Professional Training

EMT Fire Dispatch, 911 operator.


Graduated Troy B.S-Criminal Justice

Professional Training

Hom/Ade foods

Private Life

Married Mary English

Private Life

Had first daughter, Sydney

Professional Training

Graduated Loyola College Of Law

Professional Training

Started at State Attorney’s Office

Private Life

Second Daughter Grace

Professional Training

Clerk of Court as 1 General Council

Professional Training

Promoted to Chief Deputy Clerk

Professional Training

Running for Clerk of Court and Comptroller

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